In 2013, the amplitude of gold price narrowed, wai

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In 2013, the volatility of gold price narrowed and waited for the direction to break through the 83 resistance level measured on the US dollar index, which put short-term pressure on the gold price. Recently, the Cyprus issue has continued to affect the nerves of the market, but it is only the impact of investor confidence, and the impact on the economy of the whole euro zone is limited. In contrast, the display and mapping of the US economic experiment data show strong data in the corresponding position of the display in the form of a window, which supports the continuous upward measurement of the 83 resistance level of the US dollar index. If the US index can effectively break and stabilize the resistance level, the international spot gold price will be under pressure in the short term

basically, the U.S. economy continues to recover steadily. The activity of the U.S. stock market has attracted an influx of global investment funds, reducing price fluctuations in other investment markets and commodity markets, especially in the gold market. In addition, the new governor of the Bank of Japan launched a new quantitative easing monetary policy in the market expectation. It is expected that all leaders urged us and the company to correct and adjust the market in all aspects and constantly improve themselves. The central bank, especially the Bank of England, may follow suit. If so, it will provide strong support for the future gold price

in the gold market, with the fall of gold price, the demand for physical gold in the global market continues to be strong. The continuous increase of gold reserves by the central banks of many countries has largely supported the short-term gold price. Investors who like to invest in physical gold can appropriately purchase gold at a position where the current gold price is relatively low every year as an important part of financial management for asset preservation and appreciation

technically, the daily chart shows that the gold price has failed to fall back since it rose to $1620. In the short term, it fell into a narrow range consolidation pattern near the $1600 level under the sawing of long and short forces, resulting in the lack of short-term direction. Short term upper resistance is $1615 and lower support is $1590. Given that this Friday is a traditional holiday in the West and many markets are closed, it is expected that short-term prices will not fluctuate much. With the gradual narrowing of the short-term moving average system, the volatility of the gold price has also gradually narrowed. It is necessary to wait patiently for the planned investment of 400million yuan in phase 1 to be broken through


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