The world has come to compete with Wuliu Liugong.

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From July 19 to 21, the "second Liugong global skills competition" of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Liuzhou Vocational and technical college. After intense competition, three special prizes, one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes were awarded, among which five graduates of Liugong Vocational College won the first, second and third prizes

the contestants participating in this global service skills competition will be selected by Liugong international marketing division, aftermarket, overseas subsidiaries and regional distributors through regional selection. The selection started in May this year. Finally, 20 contestants from the preliminary contestants officially participated in the competition, including 7 Foreign contestants from Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia and India; One competitor (Chinese nationality) from the Zambian dealer; Another 12 are Liugong employees, 7 of whom are graduates of Liugong vocational college

the competition is divided into theoretical knowledge and practical operation

in the practical competition, the contestants competed in three items: fault diagnosis and repair of the whole machine, component disassembly and assembly, and component detection at the Liugong global customer experience center in Liugong Vocational College and outdoors on campus. Finally, Stan makhov of the Russian subsidiary of Liugong, Lalit Ghosh of the Indian subsidiary of Liugong and rajinder Yadav, the Indian distributor of Liugong won the special prize; Pangchao, a graduate of Liugong Vocational College and a European subsidiary of Liugong, won the first prize; Yang Guang, a graduate of Liuzhou Vocational College and a subsidiary of Liugong Middle East, and Zeng Bo, a graduate of Liuzhou Vocational College and a subsidiary of Liugong South Africa, won the second prize; Qin Zhen, a graduate of Liugong Vocational College and a Russian subsidiary of Liugong, Yang Jun of Liugong headquarters, and lubingjian, a graduate of Liugong Vocational College and a Middle East subsidiary of Liugong, won the third prize

at the same time of the competition, Liugong pengzhifeng skill master studio was unveiled at Liugong global customer experience center of Liugong vocational college. Pengzhifeng graduated from Liugong technical school in 1985 and has been working in Liugong. In april2012, he won the title of master of product maintenance skills according to preliminary statistics. At present, pengzhifeng skill master studio has 9 members. The studio aims to carry out global post market technical service innovation based on enterprises, help the sustained and rapid development of global business, and provide an exchange platform for Liugong and global dealers to improve their service capabilities

it is also understood that since the opening of Liugong global customer experience center, Liugong vocational college has carried out 13 batches of training for Liugong service personnel and dealers, and received 23 batches of visitors from home and abroad

it is cooled by hot water, warm water and cold water


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