In 2013, the e-commerce business was promoted to m

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In 2013, e-commerce in the middle of the year made another big push to meet the wave peak

e-commerce companies who had just stopped for half a year saw the weather getting hotter and hotter, and their anger was growing. First, JD shouted "don't make trouble" and sounded the first shot of the domestic e-commerce price war in 2013, while tmall, Suning e-commerce, etc. followed suit. No one disagreed. Everyone thought they were the price war leaders of e-commerce

although the e-commerce price war has always been a "seven injury fist" that has hurt thousands of enemies and lost 800 since then, those gorgeous sales figures still lead the e-commerce companies to persevere in their efforts. However, the force measurement stability of the vast number of people and consumers' experimental machines is determined by the quality of the sensors. However, people regard such e-commerce price wars as festivals. They have been trying hard to buy everything they want for a year. If they don't buy it, they will work together when the e-commerce is in a crazy price war. If you are crazy, I will be crazy, and everyone will be crazy - in this sense, The reason why there has been no large-scale price war for more than half a year from last year's "singles' Day" to now is largely due to the lack of "ammunition" by consumers. This period of time is a time for everyone to recover

now, e-commerce companies believe that people are full of blood and their shopping needs are bursting. They can reopen the battlefield and use the copper plated electrode solar cell technology platform to carry out technology development, testing and verification

the craziness and anxiety of consumers coexist. On the one hand, they compare goods with n stores to find the best. On the other hand, the bloody battle in June seems to be a short time. It hasn't been happy yet. This "Festival" is over. Some rational e-commerce companies also found these psychological tracks of the people. They didn't follow the army to fight hard for prices. All of them finished in June. Is it too late in the future? No. 1 mall is such a smart person. It skilfully avoided the crazy month of June and chose July as its "zero profit" naked month. On the one hand, those consumers who have gone crazy in June: those who are still not satisfied, regret, and fail to catch up with the low price will continue to go crazy from July to the 1st mall; On the one hand, July is the anniversary month of No. 1 mall. Respecting the market and meeting the interests of users is the best way to celebrate

after carefully studying the e-commerce prices in 2012, the price reduction activities of mall 1 are more rational and easier to gain the recognition of users. It cleverly takes advantage of the shopping inertia of users who have been shopping crazily in June. In addition, for the 5 Is the synchronous belt or reducer damaged due to the growth of service time? The person in charge of No. 1 mall pointed out that "using price fraud to deceive users is just drinking poison to quench thirst, damaging the interests of users, and ultimately damaging the corporate brand image. No. 1 mall will not and disdain to do so. What we bring to users is always the best quality goods"

from the "challenge" of to the follow-up of e-commerce, and then to the finale of mall 1, the summer price war of e-commerce is bound to set off another shopping frenzy in this summer. For the industry, it seems that this kind of form, which is slightly naive and out of control and has little benefit to the development of enterprises, should be as few as possible. But from another perspective, for users, the more cheap, simple and preferential activities, the better. The domestic e-commerce industry has been difficult to get out of the shackles of the offline retail model, which may be the reason


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