In 2013, the company carried out all-round three-d

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In 2013, the coal mining machinery company carried out all-round "three-dimensional" training for all employees

the coal mining machinery company carried out all-round "three-dimensional" training for all employees in 2013, and carefully screwed up (or down) the condensing lens group under the stage.

China Construction Machinery believes that from the above experimental process, we can see the promise

Guide: we must vigorously carry out employee training to continuously improve the employees' professional ethics, professionalism and business skills, At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the market awareness, service awareness, work quality awareness, discipline and law-abiding awareness, safety awareness, coordination work awareness, confidentiality awareness, professional and technical awareness of all employees

"We must make great efforts to carry out employee training, constantly improve the professional ethics, professionalism and business skills of employees, and at the same time, improve the market awareness, service awareness, work quality awareness, discipline and law-abiding awareness, safety awareness, coordination work awareness, confidentiality awareness, professional and technical level and overall concept of all employees, so as to strive to greatly improve the comprehensive quality of employees within twoorthree years and contribute to the harmony and stability of the enterprise Develop and ensure high-quality human resources. " At the beginning of the year, the company put forward clear requirements for staff training. In the first two months of 2013, the company's employee training activities have mushroomed in an endless stream. According to rough statistics, various employees of various units have been trained more than 30 times, and each employee has participated in at least one training

in order to ensure full participation in employee training, the company requires that employees at all levels be trained at different levels and steps, and that relevant functional departments organize special training for managers above the middle level, such as management knowledge, marketing strategy, financial knowledge, leadership science and art, legal knowledge and so on; Ordinary employees are trained by various units or relevant departments. The training content is mainly within the business scope. You can learn what you want to learn from the manual and make up what you lack; Provide training for new employees on corporate culture, corporate profile, product introduction, quality policy and objectives, basic knowledge of quality system, relevant rules and regulations of the enterprise, employee manual, safety knowledge and other relevant contents. Conduct business training for post transfer personnel. When employees arrive at non professional posts, their departments or relevant functional departments shall carry out training according to procedures, and they can work only after passing the examination. Focus on strengthening the professional theory and operation experience training for the young workers who have entered the factory in the past two years. The model workers and senior technicians will teach the young workers the operation skills, so as to improve their drawing reading ability and operation level and enable them to take up their posts independently as soon as possible

in order to achieve all-round training, the company covers everything from technology to market, from quality to service, from safety to production, from regulations to law, from management to awareness, and from business to skills. In the training of strengthening the employees' market awareness and service awareness, let the employees realize that the market is the basis for the survival of the enterprise, and its development and cultivation need the joint participation and attention of all employees. Educate employees to establish market awareness, actively cooperate with the work of the sales department, timely capture market information, ensure that everyone cares about the living conditions of the enterprise, and make employees realize that the enterprise can thrive only if they give full play to their enthusiasm and initiative and strive to do their own work well. The service attitude and service quality of sales and other window units and functional departments will directly affect the image and reputation of the enterprise in the eyes of customers. At the same time, we will strengthen the service awareness training among various posts and processes within the company and improve their service quality through training. Strengthen the training to shape the corporate culture. Through the training, improve the staff's fighting spirit, team spirit and professionalism, establish the concept of honesty first and customer first, and improve the staff's ability to love their posts, work hard, have an overall view and adapt to the environment. Continue to strengthen the training of quality management system knowledge and improve the quality awareness of employees. On the basis of successfully passing the review of the quality management system for military and civil products, the company has unremittingly carried out the study and training of the quality manual, procedure documents and supporting documents among its employees. Make the employees know the company's quality policy, objectives, decomposition objectives of the Department, and their job responsibilities, and make the employees know what they should do and how to do it. The focus on customers is rooted in the minds of employees and runs through the production and operation process. Strengthen the training of safety knowledge and confidentiality knowledge, educate employees to always keep in mind the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first", take the safety technical operation regulations as the teaching material, and cooperate with the relevant typical cases compiled by the safety department to carry out in-depth safety knowledge education, so as to achieve safe production and civilized production. At the same time, educate employees to keep all secrets and intellectual property rights of the company and abide by the company's confidentiality system

in order to maximize the training effect, the training form adopts "three-dimensional" training, and the training form is changed according to the training content. The training on technology, products and skills brings the classroom to the scene, and makes the most intuitive learning on products and equipment. Organize various professional competitions, such as on-the-job military training contest, young on-the-job expert competition, engineering and technical personnel computer drawing competition, etc. According to the production situation, all units, starting from key posts and key equipment, organize some practical competitions, make them regular and institutionalized, form a learning atmosphere of actively learning technology and business among employees, and promote the transformation of the enterprise into a learning enterprise. At the same time, actively participate in various skill competitions and trainings organized by the superior, so as to create conditions for employees to exchange professional skills and expand their horizons

"focusing on the annual training and comprehensively improving the quality of employees is a basic work for the long-term development of the enterprise." The stone coal machinery company has included employee training in the assessment of the grass-roots unit system. It requires that each training should be planned, recorded and assessed. The training should focus on practical results without going through the motions, so as to lay a solid foundation for the construction of enterprise talent team


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