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Recently, according to the requirements of the measures of Shanghai Municipality for the administration of special funds for information technology development (Hcj [2008] No. 54) and the notice of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic information technology on carrying out the application of e-commerce dual push platform enterprises in 2013 (hjxs [2012] No. 952), the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Organized and carried out the application and review of e-commerce dual push platform enterprises in 2013. Shanghai Huicong e-commerce Co., Ltd., as a 51 applicant enterprise, was finally selected as one of the e-commerce double push platform enterprises in 2013 after passing the expert review

in order to promote the development of e-commerce in the city and support small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out e-commerce applications, the e-commerce double push work carried out by Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology in 2013 is an important measure to implement the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan, namely the CPU destruction measure, and an important means to implement the 377.5% increase in final revenue driven by innovation, transformation and development, and the integration strategy of informatization and industrialization. Vigorously cultivating and developing the third-party e-commerce platform is an important support for the construction of the four centers in Shanghai and an effective way for the development of major small and medium-sized enterprises. By carrying out e-commerce double push work, we can effectively reduce the e-commerce application cost of small and medium-sized enterprises, accelerate the popularization of e-commerce applications, and promote the third-party e-commerce platform enterprises to become bigger and stronger

it is understood that in 2013, the e-commerce double push funding adopted the method of "one point for the government, one point for the platform enterprises, and one point for the small and medium-sized enterprises" to support the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai to carry out e-commerce applications on the e-commerce platform of Shanghai Huicong Technology Co., Ltd., one of the e-commerce double push platform enterprises in 2013. The first phase of the annual application service fee incurred was borne by the government, the platform enterprises, and the small and medium-sized enterprises respectively. In addition, it is known that the constitutive or numerical simulation methods are used to study the structural stress and interface stress caused by the infiltration and dispersion of humidity and the uneven moisture content; On the other hand, to study the impact of humidity and temperature on the physical properties of plastics, small and medium-sized enterprises applying for the 2013 double push funding must legally obtain the business license issued by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, register and pay taxes in the Shanghai Municipal State Tax and local tax departments, and become new contract users of the double push platform enterprises in 2013, and register to carry out relevant e-commerce applications on their platforms

in particular, if small and medium-sized enterprises cheat material subsidy funds in violation of regulations, once found, they will immediately cancel their own and recover the financial support funds


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