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With the countdown to the 2010 WorldExpo, the Shanghai coating market has also set off a battle. Influenced by the environmental protection concept of the Beijing Olympic Games, high-performance, environmentally friendly and antibacterial coatings will be widely used

according to the statistics of Shanghai Municipal Planning Bureau, Shanghai has 700million square meters of existing buildings, more than 5000 high-rise buildings, and more than 3000 buildings above 18 floors. In 2008, 7million square meters will be comprehensively renovated. In 2009, efforts will continue to be made to improve the energy efficiency of existing office buildings, public buildings, commercial and residential buildings and the renovation of the outer walls of high-rise buildings. In addition, the demand of large-scale infrastructure construction for building materials products is diverse. For example, railway construction requires various rail anti-corrosion coatings, bridge anti-corrosion coatings, carriage coatings, etc; Highway construction needs marking paint, flash paint, bridge paint, etc; Port construction needs ship coating, wharf coating, etc; Waterproof coating for water conservancy project construction; Anti corrosion coating is required for iron towers and insulating coating is required for cables

the unit allows the production manager to access it 24 hours a day via or tablet computer

in the face of such a huge market, the coating enterprises have also made great efforts to support the research and development of new products. According to a staff member of the provincial science and technology department who released the latest test results by Jiangsu thermoplastic composite tri Mack company, the exhibition means of the WorldExpo need to be supported by high technology, and the selection of exhibits also fully absorbs the latest scientific and technological achievements. For example, a nano coating product applied to the window glass can block the heat conduction, changing the indoor and outdoor temperature difference by 67 degrees, If widely used, it will save a huge amount of power resources. Analysis of insiders: "The Shanghai WorldExpo project has stimulated the development of architectural coatings towards high-performance, environment-friendly and antibacterial functional types. Water-based coatings that are suitable for high-rise building exterior wall coating and are stain resistant, high color retention and low toxicity will become a hot spot for development. In addition, functional coatings such as fire-proof, corrosion-proof and thermal insulation have great market potential in the future. Facing the huge business opportunities in the future engineering market, local brands should take the WorldExpo as an opportunity to drive product technology R & D. It is understood that many enterprises have begun to strictly control the content of VOC, heavy metals and other harmful substances in coatings through technological innovation and process transformation; According to the climate and building characteristics, we will focus on the research and development of anti-corrosion, anti rust and energy-saving coatings. "

among the bidding enterprises for the WorldExpo, we found that one of them, Chinese paint, was also the bid winner for the renovation of the Olympic venues. The person in charge of the enterprise said that the Olympic Games will bring green, energy-saving and healthy development ideas to the Chinese coating industry after the European Central Bank announced to keep the interest rate unchanged and the time limit of loose monetary policy. At the same time, the projects related to the upcoming WorldExpo will also take this as the bidding reference standard, which puts forward requirements for the innovation and research of local enterprises, and also provides a huge stage for the promotion of high-quality products and high-quality brands. The future development of the coating industry also needs to be consistent with the humanistic and green concepts of the Olympic Games. In fact, participating in the Beijing Olympic Games is the attitude of enterprises towards the pursuit of green and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Large scale exhibitions and major sports events help enterprises find direction in the research and design of coating products. With the end of these activities, the research and development of coating enterprises will continue to lead the fashion trend


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