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The world flower, the tallest building in Chongqing, started construction in March this year with a height of 470 meters. The world flower, the tallest building in Chongqing, started construction in March this year with a height of 470 meters. Introduction: the 470 meter viewing height is about 720 meters. Recently, it was learned from Huacheng Fuli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. that the construction of jiangbeizui Chongqing International Financial Center, as the world flower of Chongqing's top ten urban functional development projects, is planned to start in March, It is estimated that the auxiliary tower and commercial floor will be completed in 2016

the viewing height is about 720m

recently, it was learned from Huacheng Fuli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. that the construction of jiangbeizui Chongqing International Financial Center, as one of the top ten urban functional development projects in Chongqing, is planned to start in March. It is expected to complete the auxiliary tower and commercial floor in 2016. The whole building is planned to be completed in four years

it is understood that jiangbeizui world flower is one of the top ten urban functional development projects in our city. Together with Chaotianmen Raffles square, Hualong bridge Jialing sail shadow, marble CBD and other projects, the construction progress will be accelerated this year

2012, Chongqing Huacheng Fuli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. successfully auctioned the A13 plot located in the core of jiangbeizui and planned to build an 800000 square meter Chongqing jiangbeizui international financial center. China Xinda made a magnificent appearance in the field of materials and won a reputation in Europe to build the tallest building in Chongqing

it is reported that the Jialing sail shadow building under construction at Hualong bridge is 468 meters high, 2 meters higher than the world flower

world flower

Chongqing icing on the cake

the main building is like a blooming lotus

yesterday, Chen Yong, chairman of Chongqing Huacheng Fuli Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., told them that after winning the plot, they jointly designed three versions with an internationally renowned design company in the United States, and finally selected the design version of world flower. The main building, the world flower building, is 470 meters high, with a total of 101 floors. It is currently the tallest building in Chongqing, the tallest building in the west, and the seventh tallest building in the world. "It is called the world flower because the roof looks like a blooming lotus. Another implication is to add icing on the cake for Chongqing."

from the rendering, we can see that the world flower stands among the buildings, and its absolute height is very dazzling. The lotus on the top of the building is the facade from any angle. Lotus flowers are also painted or carved on the interior details, from the corridor to the wall

love flower

God presides over the wedding

800 ㎡ skyscraper

2 Sampling method for mechanical properties of welded joints gb/t 2649 ⑴ 989 Albert Yin, vice president of China EU Automotive Materials Committee, presided over the meeting. In China's traditional national culture, flowers symbolize beauty. In addition to high-rise buildings called world flowers, flowers with other themes are also bred inside

Chen Yong showed a rendering of the top floor, which is a church wedding. The interior buildings are mainly white, and the wall columns are also carved with various flower shapes and patterns

the roof has more than 800 square meters of space and will be built into a petal shaped white sky hall. "At the top, let God marry you." Chen Yong said that it will become the best place for wedding, banquet and grand ceremony in the city. Young people who like romance can create all kinds of romance here: in summer, they can sprinkle petals in the palace; In winter, it can create the effect of snowflakes floating

8% gradient

drive along Tongtian road to the garden platform

to reach the commercial floor, in addition to the elevator, you can also drive directly from Central Park to the garden platform (7th floor) on the commercial floor. This road is called Tongtian Road, with a gradient of 8%

ocean flower

crossing the undersea world

the 5th floor is 15m long aquarium

from the first floor to the fourth floor of the world flower is a zigzag fashion sky street, with two theme atriums: the ocean atrium and the sky curtain atrium

a marine aquarium will be built with the vertical sightseeing elevator as the core, extending 15 meters horizontally and vertically to the top. It is sealed with tempered glass and equipped with dolphins and other ornamental fish

on the ceiling, ocean spray painting and LED are used to create a world crossing the seabed. "If you take the sightseeing elevator, you will feel you are in the underwater world when passing through these floors; if you are in the commercial street outside the elevator, you can go shopping, watch, and walk with marine organisms." Said Chen Yong

opposite to the ocean atrium is the canopy atrium, which extends from the bottom floor to the top floor in a braided steel structure. It looks like a huge, covering the sky. At night, the mysterious bright starlight is formed under the embellishment of lights

water flowers

tourists go boating in and out of the 500m canal sky street

can you imagine boating in a commercial building? On the fifth floor of the world flower business, there is a 500 meter long canal Tianjie, where you can go boating

this floor is 9m high, mainly the film floor. The man-made canal in the middle also has a small boat, and tourists can take a boat tour. In addition, the buildings on both sides of the artificial canal also concentrate the world classic elements such as Big Ben in Britain, the White House in the United States, Venice church and Sydney Opera House; Chinese elements such as the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo and the triple eave palace make people feel like visiting the world. It is a good choice for a one-day trip to the city

more than 100 elevators

one elevator shaft

has 101 floors of child and parent elevators

Chen Yong told us that there are more than 100 elevators and more than 30 elevator shafts in this future tallest building in the West

there are two elevators in an elevator shaft, which are called child and parent elevators. The two elevators go up and down at the same time, which can alleviate the elevator congestion during rush hours. The floors are divided into bottom, middle and high floors. If you want to reach the top floor, you need to transfer between them. Such a child and mother elevator costs more than 10million yuan

"there are two sightseeing elevators. You do not need to transfer. You can reach the 101 floor directly in 56 seconds." Said Chen Yong

in addition, Chen Yong also told that the world flower has more than 6000 parking spaces

720m viewing height

after completion, it will surpass Nanshan

the building height of 470m over Nanshan to see the tea garden

plus the altitude of about 250m, and the world flower will surpass Nanshan one tree viewing platform with a viewing height of about 720m

Chen Yong said that theoretically, standing on the top of the world flower building, you can see most areas of the main urban area, which will form a multi legged urban scenic spot with one tree, two rivers Pavilion, Hongen Pavilion, etc

"you can even go over Nanshan to see the tea garden." According to Chen Yong's analysis, a tree in Nanshan Mountain is one of the preferred places for many citizens and foreign tourists to view the night scenery of the mountain city. According to the measurement, the altitude of the observation platform is about 460 meters, and the altitude of the whole Nanshan Mountain is more than 700 meters. After completion, the world flower will be about 20 meters higher than Nanshan Mountain

Chongqing has built 10 high-rise buildings (according to the data, subject to the completion of the main body)

1, Chongqing global financial center 339 meters

2, Yingli international financial center 288 meters

3, Chongqing Hotel Poly International Plaza 287 meters

4, Chongqing United International Building 285 meters

5, World Trade Center 283.1 meters

6, langgao Hyatt tower 258 meters

7, langgao Exhibition International Plaza 258 meters

8 246m

9, 242.4m

10, Xinhua International Building 238.6m


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