The world coating industry is developing towards l

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The world coating industry is developing towards low pollution and energy saving

the world coating industry is developing towards low pollution and energy saving

April 29, 2014

[China coating information] the world coating industry has experienced a tortuous development process. Since the new century, with the rapid development of the world economy, the growth of the coating industry has been driven, especially in China Currently, it is mainly engaged in small-scale packaging treatment. The Asian coating industry represented by India leads the rapid development of the world's coatings. The global financial crisis caused a decline in the production and consumption of the coating industry. It is understood that the global coating market consumption reached 60billion pounds, with a total market value of about 87billion US dollars

the coating consumption of most Asia Pacific countries fell year-on-year. Due to the certain growth of the coating market in China and India, the Asia Pacific region became the only coating market in the world to gain growth in 2009. The coating consumption in Europe and North America accounted for 22%-23% of the world respectively. Now the world coating market is experiencing prosperity and decline. The Asia Pacific region has become one of the largest coating demand regions in the world

development characteristics of the global coating industry

the remarkable characteristics of the world coating industry are that the world-class large companies form the scale effect of market integration through their strategic mergers and acquisitions, cooperative joint ventures, and rational distribution of the production and market of coating measuring device materials, so as to make the coating industry develop in the direction of collectivization, scale, and specialization, so as to achieve the goal of global rational operation. The output of the world's 10 largest coating companies accounts for 1/3 of the world's total coatings, and the market share is up to 60%. This trend is extending to developing countries

after the promulgation of the international environmental protection law, developed countries have successively put forward three prerequisites and four principles for the development of the coating industry, namely, no pollution, saving resources, saving energy and economy, efficiency, ecology and energy. In addition, the research on new pigment pastes and various high-efficiency paint additives is also very active

the coating giant monopolizes one third of the global coating output

developing towards low VOC (organic volatile matter). Environmental pollution has been paid more and more attention by human beings, and governments of various countries have successively formulated relevant laws and regulations. The United States, Japan and European and American countries have also set limits on VOC content in environmental protection regulations. Reducing VOC content has become the general trend of the development of foreign architectural coatings

development trend of global coating industry

the world coating industry is developing towards intensification and specialization, and mergers and acquisitions are increasing. The 50 largest coating companies in the world account for about 45% of the global total in terms of sales and sales volume. The 10000 small and medium-sized coating manufacturers in the world account for only 55% of the total. The monopoly position of multinational coating companies is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, in order to meet the different needs of users, the degree of serialization and specialization of coating products is becoming higher and higher, so as to enhance the market adaptability and market competitiveness of products

the world coating industry has shown a trend towards low pollution, energy saving and multi-function. At present, it is actively developing energy-saving, resource recycling and waste paint recycling coatings. For example, Japan and other countries turn the greenhouse gases of CO2 into benefits to manufacture isocyanate free polyurethane coatings; For another example, Japan has also avoided many human errors, Germany and other countries use the characteristics of plant regeneration to manufacture recycled coatings, and European and American countries are also committed to the research and development of water-based coatings and functional coatings with negative ions, self-cleaning, self-healing and so on


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