The world health medicine packaging market has a l

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A survey conducted by Freedonia GROUPINC, an American industrial market research company, predicts that the existence of these problems makes China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. In 2004, the demand for basic packaging of World Health pharmaceuticals will increase by 4.2%, reaching US $11.2 billion. The investigation shows that among many containers, blister packaging has the most development potential. The utility model has the advantages of strong barrier, beautiful appearance, long shelf life and convenient use. Plastic bottles are the most widely used containers, and their demand will increase by 4.4% this year. Especially in Latin America, Eastern Europe and the developing Asia Pacific region, substantial growth can be seen

the survey also shows that the United States, Japan, Germany, France and Italy will be the world's largest health care and pharmaceutical packaging markets. In view of the increasingly cross-sectional description and the strengthening of investment in China's medical and pharmaceutical market by Chinese medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the Chinese market will get the fastest development in the next few years

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