In 2013, the CBRC will strictly supervise the fina

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In 2013, the CBRC will strictly supervise the financial products. The banking industry, which is known as "the most profitable", may face more risks. The 2012 annual report released by the CBRC yesterday said that this year, first, we should strictly prevent the risk of credit default; Second, strictly control the risks associated with off balance sheet businesses for automotive HVAC air outlet grille, strictly supervise the design, sales and capital investment of wealth management products, and strictly prohibit the sale of private equity fund products; Third, strictly control external risk contagion, focusing on preventing private financing and illegal fund-raising and other external risks from infecting and infiltrating the banking system. It is forbidden for banking financial institutions and employees to participate in private financing, and it is forbidden for bank customers who are also major energy consumers in China to lend loan funds

according to the CBRC data, the balance of non-performing loans in the banking industry last year was 492.9 billion yuan. Zhaoqingming, a visiting professor at the University of international business and economics, said that China's economy is still in the early stage of partial recovery, and the repayment capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises has not fundamentally improved. Non performing loans are likely to continue to rise this year. "However, there is no risk of large-scale bad debts, and the overall risk of asset quality is controllable." Guotianyong, director of the Bank of China Research Center of the Central University of Finance and economics, further explained that this year, the bank should prevent a large-scale rebound in non-performing loans in key areas such as the three-star real estate that has always adhered to the "big plastic that will not change for ten thousand years"


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