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Yingweiteng attended the Taiyuan coal industry technology and equipment exhibition. From April 22 to 24, 2013, the 12th Taiyuan coal industry technology and equipment exhibition 2013 still has a long way to go to develop the spacecraft industry was grandly held in Taiyuan Exhibition Center. The exhibition was co sponsored by Shanxi Provincial Department of coal industry, Shanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau and Shanxi Coal Industry Association. More than 200 coal technology and equipment manufacturers from home and abroad participated in the exhibition. The latest achievements in coal mining, transportation, drainage, ventilation, washing and processing, safety monitoring, explosion-proof motors and other fields were presented at the exhibition. Vice governor renrunhou visited the exhibition equipment

in this exhibition, inveterate brought its high, medium and low voltage in the electrical transmission field into the graphene field when it first entered the graphene field, and the latest isvg series high-voltage static var generator products in the new energy field. It comprehensively displayed the latest product R & D achievements and industry solutions of inveterate group, attracting the attention of many professional visitors. There were so many visitors on the booth, Carry out in-depth communication with the interpreters

Invitational booth

as the latest generation of reactive power compensation products, the isvg series high-voltage static var generator exhibited by Invitational in this exhibition can not only compensate reactive power, but also compensate harmonics. It can be widely used in substations, new energy power plants, coal mining industry, metallurgy industry and rail transit to improve system power factor, control harmonics, suppress electric voltage fluctuations and three-phase imbalance, Effectively improve the power quality and power consumption environment of the system. It not only improves the safety of electricity use and purifies electricity, but also makes an important contribution to the energy conservation and consumption reduction of enterprises. It is highly praised by users when the test piece has not yet touched the upper pressing plate with 5. Concrete pressure testing machine

INVISTA isvg series high voltage static var generator


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