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Jiujiang: promote the development of the packaging industry through multiple approaches

[ppzhan Abstract] in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, packaging has been everywhere and has become one of the pillars of the national economic building. Throughout China, the packaging industry in many regions has become the driving force of regional economic development, such as Jiujiang, but there are still many problems. We should take multiple measures to promote the development of the packaging industry

in recent years, Jiujiang packaging industry has maintained a steady and sustained growth, and has made great progress compared with itself. However, compared with other cities with good packaging industry, such as Shantou, Zhongshan, Wenzhou, Ruian, Tongcheng, Xiongxian, etc., Jiujiang City has a large gap in terms of the number of packaging enterprises, production scale, product types, product quality, market sales, annual output value, etc., and our packaging industry lags significantly behind

development status of packaging industry in Jiujiang City

lack of overall layout. Due to the lack of reasonable planning and layout of the city's packaging industry, the whole industry is in a disordered state, and there are too few backbone enterprises with large production scale and high-grade products. Judging from the situation of more than 100 packaging enterprises in the city, they generally have small business scale, low production level, low technical content, blindly copying without innovation ability, and are at a disadvantage in the market competition. Their profit margin is relatively small, and their ability to resist market risks is weak. From the perspective of product structure, the product structure is single and lacks products, which can not meet the market demand. In general, compared with developed regions, Jiujiang packaging industry is obviously lack of competitiveness in product R & D, performance, quality, reliability and service

lack of technological innovation. Due to the low profit of the packaging industry, it is difficult to attract technical talents, resulting in uneven talent teams, weak ability to independently develop products and innovate, let alone digest and absorb the advanced technology of similar foreign products. As far as Jiujiang packaging product development is concerned, because some enterprises do not pay attention to independent innovation, their self-development ability is very weak, and the scientific research funds account for only 1% or less of sales, while in foreign countries it is as high as 8% - 10%, many manufacturers have failed to produce one generation, develop one generation, and research one generation. The products have been consistent for almost years, and repeated imitation has become the main means of production. Unable to develop new products, the enterprise naturally lacks competitiveness

increased production costs. In recent years, due to the rising price of raw materials, the increase of workers' wages and the braking price of peer competition, these factors not only increase the production cost of products, but also make it difficult to increase the sales price of packaging products, and some even have to reduce it. For example, in recent years, in the production of corrugated boxes in Jiujiang, the production and operation profits of most enterprises are basically maintained at 5% or lower. The supply prices proposed by some users make our packaging enterprises unprofitable or even negative profits. If you accept it, the enterprise will run the risk of losing money. If you don't accept it, you may lose important customers. However, our enterprises often encounter such a dilemma. These conditions not only affect the production and operation of enterprises, but also restrict the development of packaging industry to a great extent

lack of financial support. At present, there are many problems in Jiujiang packaging enterprises, such as difficult to borrow, high financing costs and complicated procedures. There are three main financing channels for Chinese Enterprises: listing and issuing stocks, issuing bonds and bank loans. However, many packaging manufacturers in Jiujiang are mostly small and micro private enterprises. Due to their small production scale and low output value, it is impossible to meet the listing requirements, and the issuance of corporate bonds is strictly controlled by national policies, so it is difficult to obtain approval. Therefore, many packaging manufacturers in this city can only rely on the single financing channel of bank lending. However, it is not easy for commercial banks to lend. They not only dislike the poor and love the rich, but also set some additional conditions for private manufacturers, such as a corresponding proportion of deposits, purchase of financial products, mortgage guarantee and other hard requirements. This is not only too high a threshold, which makes it difficult for packaging enterprises to obtain loans, but also increases the comprehensive cost of financing. According to the small and micro enterprise financing development report released by the relevant national departments at the Boao Forum not long ago, which was able to accurately extend the service life of the experimental machine, 59.4% of the small and micro enterprises nationwide said that their borrowing costs were between 5% and 10%, and more than 40% of the small and micro enterprises said that their borrowing costs even exceeded 10%. It is estimated that the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiujiang is generally higher than the above proportion. Due to the lack of capital investment, many packaging enterprises are unable to increase new products, expand business scale and carry out technological transformation projects

Development Countermeasures of Jiujiang packaging industry

strengthen industry guidance and formulate industrial planning. The municipal Packaging Association and relevant government departments shall give necessary guidance and industrial planning to the development layout of the city's packaging industry, resolutely adjust the overcapacity and backward products, and give strong support to those that meet the market demand. In addition, in order to make Jiujiang packaging industry bigger and stronger, we can learn from the practices of Zhongshan, Shantou, Tongcheng, Ruian, Xiongxian and other places, establish packaging industrial parks, scientifically plan the development direction of the industry, enrich industry management institutions, and issue relevant preferential policies to promote the healthy and orderly development of the packaging industry in this city

speed up the adjustment of industrial structure guided by market demand. Objectively speaking, at present, the overall development of Jiujiang packaging industry lags behind, the economic operation quality of the packaging industry is not high, and many packaging enterprises' products are in a state of repeated saturation. In particular, the supply of paper packaging has exceeded the demand, and the economic benefits of enterprises are very low. However, some high-tech packaging and printing machinery, packaging materials, packaging containers and other supporting products are in serious shortage, and no one has developed them. The packaging industrial structure of the whole city is extremely unreasonable, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of Jiujiang packaging industry. In the face of such a situation, the packaging enterprises in the city should first start from themselves, seize the good opportunity of the current economic recovery, actively adjust the industrial structure, take the initiative to eliminate backward products, resolutely give up surplus products, and bravely launch new products. The municipal Packaging Association hopes that the colleagues in the packaging industry in this city must reasonably adjust the industrial structure, implement the "going out" strategy, focus on new products, base themselves on the big market, make Jiujiang packaging products popular throughout the province, and strive to make a breakthrough in the industrial structure adjustment of the packaging industry in this city, and change the backward pattern of industrial imbalance, single product and repeated varieties

adhere to independent innovation and improve the scientific and technological content of products. Some experts pointed out that the competition of various products, in the final analysis, is the competition of technology and quality, especially in the packaging industry. Looking at the packaging products in our city, there has been no major improvement in the past few decades, and their scientific and technological content and product quality are generally low. In order to improve the scientific and technological content and quality of Jiujiang packaging products as soon as possible, the municipal Packaging Association hopes that packaging enterprises must have a sense of crisis, pay attention to independent innovation, speed up the research and development of new products, improve production methods, improve enterprise management, and strive to make the industry bigger and stronger. The R & D and amortization expenses (about 90million euros respectively) and the foreign exchange impact of about 80million euros (minus 4%) must not be fully deducted, which is sufficient for low-grade products and content with the backward status quo. At present, the way out for the industry is to continuously increase the investment and R & D of new products, launch new products, and adopt new technologies, new equipment and new processes to improve the degree of production automation, so as to effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the scientific and technological content and quality of products. So that the packaging industry in Jiujiang can achieve leapfrog development

pay attention to professional ethics and consciously resist vicious competition. At present, there are many similar packaging products in our city. Due to the oversupply in the market and the lack of their own product features and advantages, vicious competition phenomena such as offsetting the reputation of products, pushing down prices and stopping prices have occurred. In order to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the city's other packaging industry, every enterprise must have good professional ethics, do not fight a price war, and do not disparage other people's products. Because to engage in vicious competition is tantamount to cannibalism, which will ultimately hurt both sides and harm the normal development of the entire industry

multi party coordination and cooperation to improve the financing environment. First, enterprises should speed up capital turnover, change the unfavorable situation of high debt ratio, and improve their own financing credibility. Secondly, the government can strengthen communication and coordination with financial institutions, introduce some preferential lending policies and improve the financing environment. In view of the fact that in the process of transformation and upgrading, enterprises need longer term and larger amount of financial support, the fundamental way to solve the problem of expensive money is still to deepen market reform, break financial monopoly and promote financial service reform. For example, relevant experts suggest that the traditional concept of credit is to determine the loan by pledge, that is, to determine the loan by collateral. Can we try to determine the credit by considering the cash flow? This new model is more convenient to control the risk and can better provide financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Another way to solve the financing gap is to make private lending sunny. If we can publicly recognize the legal social status of private lending in law, introduce private funds into formal channels, and make private capital return to the real economy, it will provide diversified financing channels for Jiujiang packaging industry


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