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Promoting the industrialization of urban waste treatment yewenhu and niuwenyuan, members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, believe that domestic waste is the only potential resource for growth in the world at present, and it should be --

when "strengthening environmental protection and governance" is written into the "Tenth Five Year plan", the growing amount of waste around us has become a public nuisance that pollutes the environment. However, yewenhu and niuwenyuan, members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), issued a cry during the "two sessions" that "domestic waste is the only potential resource for growth in the world at present". Today, when the world energy crisis is approaching, turning waste into treasure is undoubtedly a promising way for sustainable development

yewenhu and niuwenyuan, two committee members, one is a professor of the Environmental Science Center of Peking University and the other is a researcher of the Institute of science and technology policy and management, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Their views on garbage have sufficient scientific basis: "From the perspective of resource science, due to the change in the composition of garbage, the content of inorganic substances in domestic garbage continues to decline, while the organic and combustible substances increase, and the usable value increases. Specifically, garbage contains huge energy resources and recyclable substances. It is estimated that the wealth created by urban garbage in China can reach 250billion yuan every year. And this figure is accompanied by priceless (4) Check the stress analysis of universal material testing machine: social benefits after stress analysis. "

at present, the overall level of urban waste treatment in China is still very backward. Many cities lack an effective waste management system, and the scientific and technological level and infrastructure of waste treatment are seriously lagging behind, far from meeting the needs of urban construction, management and environmental protection. The two members believed that the root cause of the problem was that our waste disposal was not an industry, but a social and public welfare undertaking. It has been one-sided that the government should bear all the costs of investment, construction, operation and management of urban waste treatment. With the development of economy, the limitations of the government are becoming more and more prominent. The operation is disconnected, the efficiency is unfavorable to the authenticity of the experiment, the fund is scarce, and the management is chaotic. The result is bound to get half the result with half the effort. Therefore, the two members put forward: "the final solution to the problem of urban waste must proceed from a strategic height, actively promote the industrialization of urban waste treatment, and take this industry as a new and indispensable part of the social and economic system, so as to improve the utilization rate of resources and finally form a virtuous cycle mechanism for resource utilization."

urban domestic waste is the essence of resources, which determines the inevitability and possibility of its development into a waste industry. The report of the world watch Institute of the United States points out that garbage recycling and reuse can be called the most important efficiency revolution of mankind in the 21st century. This revolution has become more attractive in the era of changing from industrial economy to knowledge economy. If we change the traditional concept of "garbage disaster", realize the revolution of garbage disposal, vigorously develop waste reuse, and turn the "pollution" caused by garbage into "utilization", we can release the resource potential contained in garbage, not only protect human living environment, but also increase resources and wealth. This is also the most effective way to solve the shortage of resources, increase the effective supply of resources, and promote the process of human civilization and sustainable development

just because they saw the huge potential wealth in garbage, the two committee members put forward "suggestions on developing garbage industrialization". They said in the proposal that the waste industry is different from the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. It does not take the pursuit of economic interests as the ultimate goal, but takes resource and environmental benefits and sustainable development as the goal of the emerging industry. Waste industrialization refers to the development of industrial groups related to waste treatment and recycling, such as equipment manufacturing, waste product production, and the mutual utilization of raw materials and energy, providing high-tech equipment for waste treatment and utilization enterprises, establishing relevant enterprises for waste energy utilization, forming a one-stop process of waste recycling, processing, and utilization, and combining government guidance, scientific and technological support, enterprise action, and mass participation to achieve economic benefits The unity of ecological benefit and social benefit

in order to ensure the realization of waste industrialization, the two members stressed that the government should establish a legal system for urban waste treatment as soon as possible, clarify the subjects, rights, requirements and norms of urban waste treatment, promote the standardization, legalization and standardization of urban waste treatment through administration according to law and scientific administration, and avoid the problems of unclear responsibilities, indiscriminate rights and responsibilities and great randomness

the waste industry is an emerging industry that needs the participation of the whole society. Therefore, the current waste management system should be reformed, which can not be solely arranged by the government, and the situation of non market operation in waste treatment should be broken; Transform the functions of the government (Environmental Health Bureau) departments, so that the government departments can change from the investors, managers and operators of waste treatment to the guides, cultivators and supervisors of the industry when analyzing the indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the pulling machine for soft packaging material testing, so that enterprises can truly become the main body of the market. When the government changes its functions, it is necessary to establish intermediary agencies and give play to their roles in quality supervision, dispute coordination, information collection, price evaluation, publicity and training

due to the low return on investment and long return cycle of the waste treatment industry, policy support, market cultivation and public participation are required. The government should promote the rapid rise of this industry through preferential policies on capital, tax, energy, land and technical services, especially pay attention to the cultivation of the technical product market, capital investment market and technical service market of the waste treatment market, so as to create a market space and a good policy environment for the waste treatment industry for enterprises

a diversified and socialized input-output mechanism should be established. Through economic levers, social capital is guided into the industrialization of waste treatment, completely changing the singleness of investors in this field, establish "A virtuous cycle system of burden on producers and operators, payment by waste formers, compensation for those who deteriorate the environment, benefits for recyclers, and government support and subsidies should be established to change the problem of insufficient capital investment.

in order to effectively promote the development of the waste treatment industry, the government should also actively encourage scientific research and technological inventions in all links and the whole process of waste treatment. It is necessary to rely on the scientific and technological market, technological innovation, and realize the comprehensive benefits of waste Realize large-scale production on the premise of using. We can also gradually form a sound waste treatment technology system through technology introduction, digestion and absorption and key support for the development and research of scientific research institutions, so as to speed up the pace of waste resource reuse


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