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Promoting the integration of "two modernizations" and taking a new road to industrialization editor's note: promoting the integration of "two modernizations" has a long way to go. The Ministry of industry and information technology bears the great trust of the party and the state and the ardent expectations of the society. It plays the role of a pioneer in the reform of the large ministry system and shoulders the important task of promoting the integration of the "two modernizations"

it is an important responsibility of the Ministry of industry and information technology to promote the integration of informatization and industrialization and take a new road to industrialization. At the historical moment when the global economy, science and technology have undergone profound changes and China's industrialization has accelerated, the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to promote the integration of "two modernizations", profoundly expounded the internal relationship between industrialization and information development, and scientifically answered the path of China's new industrialization. This comes down in one continuous line with the important propositions put forward by the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, such as "using informatization to drive industrialization and using industrialization to promote informatization", and keeps pace with the times. At present, we need to further improve our understanding, clarify our thinking, identify the entry point to promote the integration of "industrialization and industrialization", promote the industry from big to strong, and walk well and fast on the road of new industrialization

first of all, we must deeply understand the important significance and rich connotation of promoting the integration of the "two modernizations". Industrialization provides the material basis for informatization, and also puts forward application requirements for information to ensure the orderly development of epidemic prevention and control; Informatization has been deepened and accelerated through the development of industrialization, and at the same time, it has driven industrial transformation and upgrading. Industrialization and informatization are the dual tasks facing China's economic and social development. We must proceed from the overall situation of our work and give full play to the important role of informatization in China's economic, political, cultural and social construction: through the extensive application of information technology in traditional industries, we can promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure and the fundamental transformation of the mode of economic development; Strengthen social management and public services by deepening the application of e-government; By strengthening the construction and management of network culture, we can form a healthy and harmonious network environment; Promote the construction of a socialist harmonious society by promoting social informatization focusing on improving people's livelihood; Strengthen the building of national defense and the armed forces by accelerating the compound development of mechanization and informatization; Support the construction of an innovative country by improving the ability of independent innovation in information technology

secondly, to promote the integration of "two modernizations", industrial development must be endowed with the characteristics of the information age. Industry is not only the main force of the national economy, but also the main battlefield to promote the integration of the "two modernizations". Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's industry has developed at a high speed and its scale has been expanding. A relatively complete industrial system has been established. However, the industry is large but not strong, the management system is decentralized and weakened, the overall level of technology and equipment is not high, and the excessive consumption of energy and resources is becoming increasingly prominent. The development of informatization has provided a rare historical opportunity for China to take a new road to industrialization. Promoting the integration of "two modernizations" is conducive to rapid response to market demand, shortening product design cycle and accelerating product upgrading; It is conducive to improving China's industrial production technology, improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading; It is conducive to reducing energy and resource consumption, reducing pollution emissions and achieving sustainable development; It is conducive to the global allocation of resources and the realization of integration with the development process of world industrialization. In this sense, promoting the integration of "two modernizations" is the internal requirement of implementing the scientific concept of development and the inevitable choice of taking the road of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, we must examine industrialization in the context of informatization, avoid simply following the traditional industrialization path of western developed countries, which consumes a lot of energy and resources, and use high and new technologies, including information technology, to transform and upgrade traditional agriculture, industry and service industry

finally, to promote the integration of the "two modernizations", we must find the right starting point. Integration is a long-term process, involving a wide range. At present and in the future, we must take a long-term view, do something and do nothing, firmly grasp the center of economic construction, put the starting point of promoting the integration of the "two modernizations" on promoting industrial development, and focus on the following work:

first, in industrial R & D and design, the top priority is to accelerate the promotion and application of computer-aided design, personalized customization and other technologies in machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields, Adapt to the future development of small batch, multi variety, high quality, low cost, short cycle, flexible production and environment-friendly industrial production mode

second, industrial production process. Focus on the promotion of computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, computer-aided process, computer integrated manufacturing system, flexible manufacturing system and other production control technologies in power, coal, steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, petrochemical, machinery, textile and other industries, so as to realize the informatization of the whole process of designing, manufacturing and testing leaves of potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants and salads. In particular, we should attach importance to the construction of automation in the production process of machine tool, boiler, motor, power generation equipment, internal combustion engine and other equipment manufacturing industries, integrate information technology into these equipment, and provide intelligent tools to all departments of the national economy. Actively advocate green production, adopt advanced processes and energy-saving technologies, eliminate backward production capacity, reduce the consumption of energy, materials, water and other resources, strengthen product recycling, and develop all industries into resource-saving and environment-friendly industries

third, enterprise and industry management. Promote the application of enterprise resource planning, product data management, customer relationship management, decision support and other information systems at all levels of enterprise production, operation, management and decision-making, strengthen the management of design, procurement, production, sales, inventory and personnel, funds, materials, information and customer resources, promote enterprise process reengineering and management innovation, and promote the optimization of enterprise resources and the rationalization of the industrial chain, Effectively improve the management level, technological innovation ability and market competitiveness of enterprises, so as to improve the informatization level of the whole industry management and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

fourth, product circulation. Accelerate the connection between the industrial industry and the logistics industry, promote supply chain management in industrial enterprises, realize lean production and lean logistics, and realize the common promotion and development of the industrial industry and the logistics industry. Pay attention to the demonstration and driving role of large enterprises, connect upstream and downstream enterprises and social logistics through logistics informatization, accelerate the development of supply chain enterprise groups, and establish a modern industrial circulation system

fifth, the development of emerging industries. We will promote the integration of information technology with the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, multiply emerging industries, cultivate new economic growth points, and develop a "long" and "wide" industrial economy. In the industrial field, we will accelerate the development of new industrial application products such as power electronics, automotive electronics, machine tool electronics, marine electronics and avionics, and accelerate the transformation of industry from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing based on information and network technology. In the service sector, we will promote the integration of information technology with finance and insurance, modern logistics, management consulting and information services, and promote the development of modern service industries. Attach importance to supporting emerging industries such as software industry, Internet industry and information service industry, and comply with the new trend of modern economic and technological development

sixth, cultivate a new generation of industrial forces. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, innovate the talent training and use mechanism, improve the quality of employees, improve the talent structure of the industrial industry, create a talent development environment in which people make full use of their talents, and maximize the overall development of people. With the rising labor cost in the industrial sector and the continuous improvement of labor quality requirements, we will speed up the training of various leading scientific research talents and senior technicians, do a good job in retraining and reemployment of relevant labor after the elimination of backward production capacity, and guide the orderly transfer of surplus rural labor to the industrial sector, which will not only promote employment, but also provide human security for the development of industrialization

there is a long way to go to promote the integration of "two modernizations". The Ministry of industry and information technology bears the great trust of the party and the state to exchange servo electromechanical experts and the ardent expectations of the society. It plays the role of a pioneer in the reform of the large ministry system and shoulders the important task of promoting the integration of the "two modernizations". The Ministry of industry and information technology has set sail, and will surely live up to its mission. It will lead the whole industry to launch new initiatives to integrate the "two modernizations", create new achievements that can stand the test of practice, the people and history, and create a new situation in China's industrialization and information technology development


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