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Promoting the development of printing industry in Yunnan under the guidance of the scientificoutlookondevelopment

1 arming the mind with the scientificoutlookondevelopment

it is a major theoretical and practical problem to establish and implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment in combination with the reality of the publishing industry in Yunnan. General Secretary Hu Jintao said: "the scientific concept of development is used to guide development and cannot leave the theme of development.". Therefore, the focus of learning the scientific concept of development is to use new development ideas to guide the development of the publishing industry

2 guide the work with the scientificoutlookondevelopment

1) guide the work of the printing control office with the scientificoutlookondevelopment

over the past five years, the printing control office has always adhered to the six character working policy of "management, service and development". Through study, our original six character policy is not comprehensive enough. To keep pace with the times, we should add four words to the original foundation: "science and innovation", namely: "management, service, science, innovation and development". Because "innovation is the soul of a nation and the inexhaustible source of a nation". Without innovation, there can be no development. Innovation without scientific guidance may be reckless or even disorderly. Gongpinggan and disorderly work of the printing industry management office of Yunnan Publishing Bureau will cause problems. It may appear that the economic indicators have gone up, but in fact it is going backwards. How much money will be spent in the future cannot be recovered. Therefore, the word "science" must be added before innovation. We should work in a down-to-earth manner, but we don't need to stay in the thinking mode and work style of small civil servants, which are rigid and conservative and afraid of being hit by falling leaves. Based on our enthusiasm for the publishing industry, as long as we adhere to the principle that development is the last word, and are good at learning, diligent in thinking, bold in innovation, scientific planning, effective implementation, and selfless dedication, we are truly implementing and implementing the scientific concept of development

2) promote the development of printing industry in our province with the scientificoutlookondevelopment

first, adhere to the guiding ideology of "big printing view", aim to adapt to the needs of national economy, culture and education in the province, formulate and plan the coordinated development of equipment, equipment, scientific research, talent training, publishing and printing, newspaper printing, packaging and decoration printing, social commodity printing, printing on demand and other printing categories according to the system engineering. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we will establish a relatively complete modern printing industry system in our province. Lay a good foundation for the comprehensive, coordinated, rapid and sustainable development of the printing industry in our province

second, in combination with the reality of Yunnan, we should focus on several key points as a breakthrough in promoting industrial development with the scientific concept of development. For example, cultivating advantageous industries. In particular, do you know where the concrete press is mainly used? We should develop those special small packages with high added value and small investment to fill the gap. In our province, the advantageous industry is still packaging and decoration, and so is the world. I have read a document that one third of the annual turnover of the global printing market is created by the packaging and printing industry. The annual turnover of global printing reaches 250billion US dollars, and books and periodicals account for about 10billion US dollars. However, the problem of packaging and printing in our province is that there is a surplus of gravure printing production lines supporting tobacco, and some technologies have long been unable to meet the current development needs. We must guide enterprises to attach great importance to the development trend of cigarette package printing. In recent decades, Yunnan has provided more than 40 gravure printing lines for tobacco. In recent years, due to the fierce competition among cigarette factories, efforts have been made in anti-counterfeiting and design. From point to surface, gravure printing, offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, UV polishing, holographic hot stamping, laser aluminum foil paper and other technologies have been launched. The exquisite degree of cigarette cases printed by a variety of printing technologies can be called the world's leading. At the same time, the investment scale of the printing plant is getting larger and larger. This phenomenon of over investment is worrying. Yunnan has more than 40 gravure printing production lines, but Yunnan only has a quota of about 18 billion cigarette packets per year. According to the current production capacity of Mongolian congressman batqi Muge, who studied Chinese gravure printing machines at Beijing Language and Culture University from 1991 to 1995, 30 are enough, but some factories are still purchasing gravure printing machines. If the government does not take macro-control, the consequences will be unimaginable and will cause huge waste. Therefore, we should strictly control the introduction of gravure production line, and encourage enterprises to try to do a good job in technical transformation and improve the process level in the original production line. At the same time, the current domestic cigarette package printing is characterized by the combination of offset printing, gravure printing, silk, flexography and other printing technologies, which is a major trend. In particular, the offset printing machine is more suitable for the production of small and medium-sized cigarette packets, cosmetics boxes, medicine boxes, etc. Moreover, after the separation, integration and reorganization of industry and Commerce in the national tobacco industry, the original L85 cigarette factories have been integrated into 64, and our province has merged from 9 to 4, breaking the original pattern

On may21,2003, the Framework Convention on tobacco control, the first international law on tobacco control in the world, was adopted. The Convention clearly stipulates the restrictions on the content and form of cigarette packets. Cigarette package printing enterprises in our province should seriously study the provisions of the Convention, learn from foreign design styles, and ensure that they will not be eliminated in the wave of cigarette package upgrading. There will be more and more green, non-toxic and degradable materials. The resulting environmental friendly ink, white card paper and transfer aluminum foil paper will become the main materials in the cigarette bag production market in the future. Experts predict that by 2009, the market share of soft pack cigarettes will be reduced to 30%. After a few years, it decreased by 17.27 PCT year-on-year; In February, the average gross profit margin of double adhesive tape was 1.80%, and the market share of China's tobacco hard packaging will increase from 50% to%, and finally hard packaging will become the mainstream of the world's tobacco packaging. These new changes must be grasped and studied by our industry managers and printing enterprises in a timely manner

third, accelerate the process of printing marketization and establish a unified, open, fair and orderly market system in the whole province through scientific management. Last year, we spent a year conducting investigation and research. After several repeated demonstrations and revisions, this year we will issue guidance prices for printing except for teaching materials. The lower the printing price, the better. Set a reasonable guiding price and control the range of up and down, so as to control vicious competition and form a virtuous circle, which is conducive to industrial development

fourth, this year we should increase support for non-public enterprises. The fairness and impartiality of the government are reflected in the approval procedures, tax exemption of imported equipment, quality inspection, award evaluation, provision of consulting services, etc. It is planned to hold a seminar for private enterprises this year, which is currently under planning

Fifth, this year we should implement the development strategy formulated by the leading Party group. We should take new measures and make new breakthroughs in supporting personalized printing in our province. Our steps and methods are as follows:

1 in the first half of this year, take out the special research report on on-demand printing and personalized printing in our province

printing enterprises should take the lead in realizing software legalization by combining with the software legalization work being promoted by the copyright office. Implement digital workflow in the whole process of printing operation, production and management. First of all, it is popularized and used in backbone books and periodicals, packaging and newspaper printing enterprises. We are promoting the implementation of IS02000 standard throughout the industry, and the work of establishing a database with the assistance of the implementation units is advancing. The Provincial Printing Industry Association has sent two comrades to work together

accelerate the popularization and application of CTP direct plate making technology. By 2010, printing enterprises with an output value of hundreds of millions of yuan will completely transition from Laser Phototypesetting to direct plate making

improve printing quality and adapt to the development trend of multi-color and high efficiency. In 2010, all key enterprises in the province realized digital color management

⑤ the promotion and development of digital printing will bring new ideas to the management of the printing industry. It is necessary to study and improve the management methods. Strengthen the study and application of new technology, new equipment and new materials. Pay attention to the promotion of digital proofing instead of traditional proofing. Shorten the time of printing, inking, turning, paper feeding, paper receiving and other process links, and keep up with the demand in the technical transformation of post press supporting processing equipment and book binding linkage, so as to truly realize on-demand printing and personalized printing

the key to achieving the grand goal of printing industry development lies in talents. In accordance with the "people-oriented" policy, establish a talent evaluation and training mechanism. Last year, the printing control office and the Provincial Printing Association conducted a survey of printing talents and classified them. In order to encourage talents to stand out, this year, the Provincial Printing Association has asked the Provincial Federation of trade unions for approval to select 10 printing entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions and 10 excellent technical workers. The Provincial Federation of trade unions agreed that they could enjoy the treatment of model workers in the industry. We are planning to establish a publishing and Printing College in the future "international printing and packaging city". Kunming International Printing and Packaging City, as a leader in adjusting the industrial structure and opening up to ASEAN countries, is progressing smoothly, but there are still many difficulties to overcome. In order to implement the scientific concept of development, the road traffic, sewage treatment, green area and plant design in the packaging city have been repeatedly demonstrated and planned. I believe that with the care and support of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the strong backing of the Bureau's Party group and the encouragement of the overall cadres and workers, we will overcome the difficulties, provide high-quality services through scientific management, and promote the printing industry of our province to a higher platform. In 2010, the output value of 7.03 billion yuan should be achieved

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