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Promoting forest pulp paper integration meets the development requirements of Hezhou

how to solidly promote the process of Forest Pulp paper integration relying on Heda paper industry? The leading group of Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd., led by Chairman wujiji, visited Hezhou on March 15 and reached an agreement

chenlidan, mayor of Hezhou, introduced the advantages of Hezhou to Wu Jiji and his delegation. He said that in recent years, Hezhou municipal Party committee and government have vigorously promoted industrialization in accordance with the policy of "developing five industries at the same time, giving priority to industry, consolidating the foundation and increasing the total amount". According to the rich characteristics of forestry resources, they are vigorously promoting the construction of Forest Pulp paper integration project. Chenlidan hoped that Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. would continue to vigorously support the development of Heda paper industry

Wu Jiji and his delegation believe that (1) check whether the equipment can not move the propulsion forest after 15s (time), especially when it is used in wet construction environment, the pulp paper integration meets the requirements of Hezhou's economic development and is consistent with the development strategy of Heda paper industry. To develop Heda paper industry, we must solidly promote the integration of forest, pulp and paper. Wu Jiji and his delegation pointed out that the development of forest land planting base should be carried out as planned, and the existing pulp production technology should be upgraded to improve the internal management level of the enterprise and reduce energy consumption

Hezhou also held consultations with Wu Jitong and his delegation on how to reasonably plan the industrial layout of forest planting, pulp and paper making, and what form to take to expand and strengthen Heda paper industry. Accompanied by guoweiqi, vice mayor of Hezhou, and liguanhua, vice chairman of Hezhou CPPCC, Wu Jiji and his delegation inspected Wanggao industrial zone and Heda paper industry

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