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Editor's note: entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce, the paper chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce has compiled the paper industry part of the 2006 China brand development report, which will be published in the form of annual reports in the future. The purpose of preparing the report is to speed up the construction of independent brands in the paper industry by enhancing the brand building awareness of paper-making and related upstream and downstream enterprises, and to promote domestic paper-making enterprises to gradually establish and consolidate their leading position in the industry

the report is excerpted as follows:


after years of development, China's modern paper industry has become an important part of the national production economy, which will produce melt fracture phenomena such as jet and creep. After the reform and opening up, it has developed rapidly. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's paper industry showed a strong growth momentum. Statistics show that China's paper production was 32million tons in 2001 and 56million tons in 2005, an increase of 75%. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the annual average growth rate of the production of China's paper industry remained above 13%, reaching a maximum of 18.13%. The consumption also shows a huge market space. In 2001, the demand was 36.83 million tons, and in 2005, it reached 59.3 million tons, an increase of 61%. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the average demand of China's paper industry remained at about 11%, with the highest reaching 17.62%, and the market demand was strong

statistics show that there were about 3600 paper and paperboard production enterprises in China in 2005, including 3342 paper-making enterprises above Designated Size, an increase of 333 over the previous year; In 2005, the national paper and paperboard production was 56million tons, an increase of 13.13% over the previous year; The consumption was 59.3 million tons, an increase of 9.03% over the previous year; The total assets were 322.8 billion yuan, an increase of 16.32% over the previous year; The product sales revenue was 254.6 billion yuan, an increase of 26.73% over the previous year; The per capita annual consumption was 45 kg, an increase of 3 kg over the previous year

brand development status of China's paper industry

at present, China's paper brands mainly fall into two categories: first, domestic self owned brands, whose products are developed and owned by domestic enterprises. The types of enterprises are divided into state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. Second, foreign brands, which are owned by multinational corporations and foreign-funded enterprises, are wholly owned by foreign-funded enterprises, while domestic joint ventures have only the right to use. At present, China's paper industry has a quantitative advantage in medium and low-grade products, and domestic brands occupy a leading position. In the fields of high-end products and new products, with the gradual improvement of equipment and technology level of domestic enterprises, independent brands and foreign brands have certain advantages respectively. However, in some sub categories of paper, domestic brands have occupied a dominant position

(I) overall development of the paper industry brand

the position of the paper industry in China's industry has undergone tremendous changes, and it occupies a place among the national industrial enterprises. On August 26th, 2005, the National Bureau of statistics released the statistical data of "China's top 1000 industrial enterprises". There were 11 enterprises in the paper industry, accounting for 1.1%. Among them, Huatai, Chenming, Taiyang, tiger, Bohui, Quanlin, Yinhe, Shengda and other industry leaders were shortlisted one after another

on August 21, 2005, the "top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2005" selected by the China Enterprise Federation and the China Entrepreneur Association was released. In this selection, Huatai Paper, Chenming Paper and Jindong paper were listed among the top 500 Chinese enterprises. Four paper-making enterprises have entered the top 500 manufacturing enterprises

the enterprises in the paper industry have successively entered the "Top 1000 Chinese industrial enterprises" and "top 500 Chinese enterprises". On the one hand, it shows the vitality of the paper industry, but also shows the social influence of the paper brand. The "brand" and "trademark" of the paper enterprises have also emerged in the national recognition and selection activities

"China famous trademark" has been recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce since 1997. The recognized trademarks have high popularity and credibility in relevant fields. So far, there are 873 trademarks in 45 categories of products that have become "well-known trademarks in China". The paper industry began to participate in the identification work in 1999. By 2006, the trademarks of 9 enterprises had become "China's well-known trademarks", accounting for 1% of the national total. The products mainly include rice paper, industrial paper, copying paper, toilet paper, tissue paper, boxed face paper, machine-made paper, paper products and notebooks, which basically cover the two major fields of cultural paper and household paper. Packaging paper, special paper and other products have not been evaluated

among the nine "Chinese well-known trademarks", Huatai has become the first well-known trademark brand in the domestic pulp and paper industry, and Veda has become the first well-known trademark brand in the domestic household paper industry. The rise of the identification standards of these well-known trademarks marks a big step for China's paper industry to build an international paper brand

"China famous brand" is a recognition work carried out by the China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee under the leadership of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. The identification of "China's famous brand" began in 2001. Since the products of the paper industry are mainly used in industrial production, the products actively identified as "China's famous brand" are mainly household paper. With the active participation in 2003 and 2004, household paper products were formally listed in the evaluation catalogue of China's famous brand products in 2005. In 2005, three brands of three enterprises were rated as "China's famous brand" in the paper industry, namely, the "xinxiangyin" brand of Hunan HengAn Paper Co., Ltd., the "jierou" brand of Zhongshun Paper Group Co., Ltd. and the "Weida V in Da" brand of Weida paper (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. without manual intervention in the pruning process. However, in 2006, the paper industry failed to enter the range of participating products. The output and consumption of major products in the paper industry are mainly concentrated in the fields of cultural paper and packaging paper. The lack of well-known brands of these two categories of products reflects the uneven development of China's paper brands

(II) brand development of the paper industry sub industry

the paper industry generally divides paper and paper products into cultural paper, packaging paper, household paper and special paper. Cultural paper is generally used for cultural publishing and office work. Packaging paper is mainly used for packaging industrial products. Household paper is used in people's daily life. Special paper is mainly used in special fields of industrial production. The papermaking industry also involves papermaking equipment industry and papermaking chemicals industry. Due to different application fields, there are certain differences in the development of product brands in various sub industries. The following mainly introduces the brand development of several representative sub industries in the paper industry

1. paper

in the paper field, Huatai Paper industry has shown an amazing growth trend in recent years. Although it began to enter the paper field in 2001, its paper output reached 800000 tons in 2005, accounting for 25% of the national total output. In 2006, the company put another 400000 tons of paper into production, with a paper production capacity of 1.2 million tons, which will reach one third of the national total. In addition, Huatai also invested in the construction of a 1.2 million ton paper project in Guangdong. At that time, the production capacity of Huatai Paper will reach 2.4 million tons, accounting for half of the domestic market and playing a decisive role in the international market. The "Huatai" brand has also become a leader in the field of Chinese paper

2. packaging paper

packaging paper is the paper with the largest output and consumption in China, mainly including carton board, white paperboard, white cardboard, corrugated base paper and other products. There are a wide range of products, and the number of the same brands is relatively large, but the well-known brands are mainly concentrated in high-end packaging paper. At present, the main production capacity of carton board and corrugated base paper is concentrated in Nine Dragons Paper and Liwen paper; Among the white paperboard and paperboard, the "golden sun" brand of Shandong Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd. and the "Zhonghua" brand of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. occupy a major position in the market, and their brands and market share are far ahead

3. cultural paper

cultural paper mainly includes books and periodicals printing paper, writing paper, coated paper, etc., which is mainly used for culture and publishing. Since 2003, the publishing materials working committee of the China Association of publishers has started to select the "top ten paper-making enterprises with customer satisfaction" for China's publishing paper, which is conducted once a year, basically including the main well-known brand products of cultural paper. Among them, sun, Huatai, Quanlin, Chenming, Yongfeng and other enterprise brands have become the "top ten" for three consecutive years

the "top ten papermaking enterprises" in 2003 are: Shandong Chenming Group, Shandong Taiyang paper, Shandong Huatai Paper, Suzhou Zixing paper, Shandong Bohui paper, Ningxia Meili Paper, Shandong Quanlin paper, Longkou Yulong paper, UPM Sichuan (Changshu) paper and Sichuan Yongfeng paper

the "top ten papermaking enterprises" in 2004 are: Suzhou Zixing paper, Shandong Huatai Paper, Shandong Bohui paper, Shandong Taiyang paper, Longkou Yulong paper, Shandong Chenming Group, Henan Yinge, Sichuan Yongfeng paper, Shandong Quanlin paper, UPM (Changshu) paper

the "top ten papermaking enterprises" in 2005 are: Shandong Taiyang paper, Shandong Huatai Paper, Shandong Chenming Group, Longkou Yulong paper, Suzhou Zixing paper, UPM Sichuan (Changshu) paper, Shandong Quanlin paper, Henan Yinge, Tai'an Baichuan paper and Sichuan Yongfeng paper

4. household paper

household paper is a product closely related to people's lives. Therefore, in the mass consumer market, the brand of household paper is relatively recognized by people. The main national brands include: Vader, xinxiangyin, weijieya, Shujie, Mayflower, jierou, Qingfeng, Jieyun, etc. In 2005, the top 10 household paper manufacturers accounted for about 20% of the national market share. The total production capacity of the top 4 enterprises, Weida, HengAn, jinhongye and Zhongshun, reached about 600000 tons, and the production and sales volume accounted for about 13% of the total. The sales volume accounts for about 20% of the total and about 60% of the high-end household paper market

Guangdong is the main producing area of household paper. Four enterprises, Vida paper, Zhongshun paper, white swan paper and triangle paper products, all rank among the top 10 in China. "Vader" is the most influential first brand in China's household paper industry, with a brand value of 1432.7 million. In the course of 20 years' development and expansion, Vader group has won many awards, including "Guangdong famous trademark", "Guangdong famous product", "China famous trademark", "national inspection free product" and other honors. On September 1st, 2005, Vader won the title of China famous brand, the highest honor of Chinese enterprise brand, and was also rated as one of the top 100 most valuable well-known trademarks in China

5. special paper

the output of special paper in the paper industry is relatively small, generally including cigarette paper, carbon free copy paper and thermal recording paper. Due to the high requirements for technical content, few enterprises are involved in the field of special paper, and the brands of special paper products are generally monopolistic. Yunnan Xinxing Renheng is the largest supplier of series packaging paper in China's cigarette industry, and its "Xinxing Renheng" brand is the most famous brand in the industry. Cigarette paper is mainly produced by Hengfeng Paper, Jinfeng paper, Huafeng paper, Minfeng special paper and Hongta Lanying. Hengfeng paper takes "Swan" brand cigarette paper as its leading product. At present, the domestic comprehensive market share has reached 24.30%, of which the cigarette paper market share has reached 22%, and the market share of forming paper and aluminum foil lining paper has reached 15.10% and 24.40% respectively

the main manufacturer of carbon free carbon paper and thermal recording paper is Guangzhou消化不良是怎么引起的

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