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Breaking the old pattern of "interconnection +" has become a new trend in the development of the iron and steel industry

breaking the old pattern of "interconnection +" has become a new trend in the development of the iron and steel industry

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in recent years, due to the serious overcapacity in the iron and steel industry, the reduction of domestic demand and the sharp drop in market prices, both iron and steel production enterprises and iron and steel service trade enterprises are facing a very difficult situation. On December 9, at the 10th China Iron and steel circulation promotion conference, gaoyuke, chairman and President of Tianjin Wuchan metal International Trade Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Wuchan e-commerce Co., Ltd., believed that in the iron and steel industry, from the seller's market to the buyer's market, iron and steel traders lost a large area, and the iron and steel e-commerce platform took advantage of the "steel + interconnection" to greatly improve the transaction efficiency, solve the information asymmetry and reduce the logistics cost, It has provided supply chain financial solutions, accumulated more and more big data information, and contributed to the improvement of the iron and steel industry chain

Zhujimin, executive vice president of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, pointed out that at present, China's iron and steel industry has entered the stage of structural adjustment and optimization of reduction from the stage of extensive development dominated by scale expansion. We must use "interconnection +" to support the resource integration and optimization of the entire iron and steel industry chain

it is reported that due to the poor market environment in the steel industry, the trading team Wu is facing a reshuffle. According to statistics, the number of steel traders in China has been reduced from 200000 to about 100000

huyuliang, assistant general manager of Baosteel Group and deputy general manager of Ouye yunshang Co., Ltd., believes that China's iron and steel industry is in an era when supply is less than demand. The traditional iron and steel trade model is "resources are king and production determines sales", resulting in multiple levels of iron and steel circulation, high costs, low efficiency in processing and distribution, and weak driving force for steel demand growth

huyuliang believes that with China's rapid economic growth turning into the new normal, steel consumption has fallen sharply, and the steel market has seen supply exceed demand. The steel trade model has become "channel is king, and production is determined by sales". At the same time, the external environment for the development of the iron and steel industry has further deteriorated, and environmental protection pressure and cost pressure have systematically increased. In the face of information asymmetry in the traditional iron and steel industry chain, there are a lot of value spaces in the circulation field that need to be improved in efficiency and reduced in cost

help industry transformation and upgrading

gaoyuke believes that in the process of transformation and upgrading, China's iron and steel industry must be based on new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment in the face of new markets. Especially under the strategic support of "made in China 2025", the manufacturing industry is moving towards smart interconnection. Under this environment, there is a wide space for cooperation between China's steel mills and steel e-commerce platforms

huyuliang believes that China's iron and steel e-commerce is of great significance to industrial transformation and upgrading. First, accelerate the realization of intelligent manufacturing, make the steel production enterprises more directly and closely contact with downstream customers, meet personalized needs, accelerate the realization of customer driven mass customization, reduce product circulation links, and reduce user expansion costs. Second, standardize the circulation order of the industry, so that business stakeholders can form a new standard in the field of steel circulation in many aspects, such as trading and logistics. Third, improve the operation efficiency of the industry, extend the service chain, and accelerate the re integration and optimal allocation of online and offline resources. Fourth, explore new ways to improve industry concentration. Therefore, the future iron and steel industry ecology will be a "network" and "ecosystem" formed based on the information technology and manufacturing water, which is similar to the development of such large-scale industrial equipment. Every stakeholder in the iron and steel industry is a node on the network

create value for the industrial chain

in fact, the mission of iron and steel e-commerce is to create value for the industrial chain. Its exploration and development must return to the essence of serving the industrial chain and enterprise management

the main way for traditional steel traders to earn profits is to "eat the price difference". After the emergence of the steel e-commerce platform, the profit model of high stock, gambling on the market and earning the price difference has been difficult to have miraculous effects. On the steel e-commerce platform, because the quotation and transaction are transparent, end customers can find cheaper and more square transactions on the platform. 9. Fasteners should be locked regularly: the vibration after the sample is broken often makes some fasteners loose. This breaks the traditional circulation pattern of steel trading enterprises using information asymmetry to "eat the difference in price". On the one hand, the decline of the traditional iron and steel trade mode, on the other hand, the rapid development of the iron and steel e-commerce platform

gaoyuke believes that the proposal of China's "Internet +" strategy and the expansion of network economic space mentioned in the "13th five year plan" to promote supply chain and logistics chain innovation have provided a good policy environment for the development of iron and steel e-commerce. According to the analysis of Sinosteel, the iron and steel industry will enter the supply chain optimization period. Due to the diversified demand of terminal steel enterprises, iron and steel traders will occupy an indispensable position in the whole supply chain. However, industry integration and service upgrading are inevitable trends. Due to the strong rise of e-commerce platforms, the profit model of steel traders using asymmetric information will be gone forever

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