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Break the monopoly! XCMG has exported another high-end product to the North American market in batches for the first time

breaking the monopoly! Another high-end product of XCMG was exported to the North American market for the first time. Recently, the departure ceremony of xc870k excavator loader of XCMG for the first time exported to North America was held grandly. It is reported that this batch of equipment is about to leave for Mexico. This batch export marks XCMG's breakthrough in breaking the monopoly barrier of international giants in the North American special machinery market

it is understood that backhoe loaders are the equipment with the largest market demand in Mexico and even in North America. The longer the length of such equipment as sheet metal and lead screw, they are widely used in municipal, residential construction, infrastructure construction, road construction and maintenance and other fields that can zoom in, zoom out and click on the data corresponding to each point on the observation curve. The market competition is very fierce, and customers have strict requirements for product performance and quality. For a long time, old brand construction machinery manufacturers such as Europe, America and Japan have been dominating the excavators and Loaders Market in Mexico and even the whole North America. It is very difficult for Chinese brands to ensure timely delivery of vehicles to customers

in order to enter the Mexican excavator loader market, XCMG launched the upgraded product xc870k after in-depth research and development and technical upgrading. On the basis of mature matching and technical performance of existing products, the product is upgraded by upgrading engine emissions, lightweight structural parts and working device parameter optimization, so as to further improve product comfort, safety, maintainability, reliability, supportability and economy. The digging force at the loading end is leading in the industry, 15%-20% higher than that of similar models; The structure of the excavation end and the hinge point are advanced. The angle of the excavation bucket is the largest in the industry. It has strong soil holding capacity, energy saving and high efficiency, and can meet the configuration requirements of more accessories

XCMG xc870k

with the quality assurance of "leading technology and indestructible use", coupled with the pioneering spirit of XCMG Mexico office and dealers, XCMG xc870k successfully lives in the local market in Mexico and is deeply trusted by local customers

xc870k group diagram of XCMG excavator loaders

it is understood that the market share and export volume of XCMG excavator loaders in China have been leading the industry for more than 10 years. This is the first batch export of XCMG excavator loaders in the North American market, which is of positive significance for improving the global competitiveness of XCMG earth moving equipment in the field of construction machinery in North America

XCMG in Mexico --

XCMG Group officially entered the Mexican market at the end of 2015. Up to now, XCMG's sales channel network in the Mexican market has taken shape, which can provide local customers in Mexico with a full range of pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and spare parts supply services. At the same time, XCMG is also stepping up to further improve the construction of sales channels in the Mexican market, striving to provide better products and services for Mexican customers, reflecting the style and style of China's big country heavy equipment brands

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