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Breaking through RMB 200billion, China's inspection and testing market ushered in explosive growth

the inspection and testing industry has strong anti risk ability. Even under the impact of the severe international economic crisis from 2008 to 2009, the inspection, testing and certification industry still grew. Under the background of the slow economic recovery of the global multi-level flexible support combined seal structure, the growth rate of the global inspection and testing industry will remain at about 8% in the next few years. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of the global inspection and testing industry will exceed trillion yuan. As an important part of the global market, China has entered an explosive growth stage with the promotion of inspection and testing work in various places

inspection and detection is the national quality foundation for serving economic and social development, and is also an important part of modern service industry. It plays an important role in strengthening quality safety, promoting industrial development, safeguarding consumer rights and interests, protecting the environment and social public safety. The inspection and testing institution accepts the entrustment of the product manufacturer or product user, comprehensively uses scientific methods and professional technology to carry out quality inspection and testing on the quality, safety, performance, environmental protection and other aspects of a product, and issues a quality inspection and testing report, so as to assess whether the product meets the quality, safety, performance and regulatory standards required by the government, industry and users

with the worldwide industrial transfer, the trend of manufacturing industry from developed countries to developing countries is more obvious. The quality inspection and testing industry, which is inseparable from the manufacturing industry, is also changing from developed countries to developing countries with the worldwide industrial transfer. At present, the large-scale comprehensive testing institutions in the world are basically from developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States and Japan, while the receiving regions will be concentrated in China and other Southeast Asian countries

with the development of the socialist market economy, the demand for inspection and testing from all walks of life is increasing day by day, and inspection and testing services show a good momentum of development. The competition among the existing competitors in China's quality inspection and testing industry is fierce. There are 24100 quality inspection and testing institutions of various natures and types in China, which are large in number and concentrated in distribution, mainly in economically developed areas such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong. After nearly 10 years of market construction, the pattern of state-owned measurement and testing institutions dominating the world is no longer. The influx and rapid development of foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises have increased the intensity of industry competition

in order to strengthen the management of inspection and testing market players, standardize the work activities of inspection and testing institutions proposed in the 2018 government work report, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of inspection and testing data and results with certification, China has established the qualification accreditation system of inspection and testing institutions. Any inspection and testing institution that provides data and results that can prove to the society shall obtain qualification recognition according to law

by the end of 2016, China had issued more than 1.768 million valid certificates and 597000 certified organizations, ranking first in the world for consecutive years. The total operating revenue of the inspection, testing and certification service industry has exceeded 200billion yuan, becoming the fastest growing inspection, testing and certification market in the world. At present, there are 32000 inspection, testing and certification institutions and 83000 employees in China. The structure tends to be optimized, but the phenomenon of "small scattered and weak" is still prominent. On the whole, China is in the second camp of the development of international certification and accreditation, and is accelerating to become a strong certification and accreditation countryOn the integration of active safety system and passive safety system
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