Breaking the system barrier to promote wind power

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To promote wind power consumption, institutional barriers must be broken

under the background of the phenomenon of "wind abandonment" and the continuous reduction of wind power benchmark electricity price, the direct transaction of Zhangjiakou wind power test power market undoubtedly opens a window to solve the consumption of wind power and renewable energy

from the perspective of the final transaction price, the price of 0.05 yuan/kWh is only 1/10 of the electricity price on the local benchmark. Wind power enterprises participate in market transactions or have to do so. However, for the whole industry, this trial has proved that there is still much room for improvement in alleviating wind curtailment and improving the consumption of new energy, and has also opened a breakthrough for "market power". The key depends on whether we have the courage to break the institutional barriers that hinder the application of renewable energy, and whether we can build a new system to adapt to the consumption of renewable energy such as wind power with innovative ideas

at present, the scale of renewable energy power generation in Zhangjiakou exceeds 11million kW. It is estimated that by 2020, the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in Zhangjiakou will reach 20million kW, and the annual power generation will reach more than 40billion kwh. In addition to accelerating the construction of transmission channels, the local government has innovated to build a four-way cooperation mechanism of "government + electricity + power generation enterprises + user side". The trading platform is responsible for the access registration management of the user side, signing renewable energy power purchase agreements with renewable energy power generation enterprises other than guaranteed hours, and signing renewable energy power sales agreements with users; The transaction price determines the renewable energy power transaction price according to the market supply and demand and cost, and explores the establishment of a market-oriented price formation mechanism for renewable energy and a demand side electricity price that adapts to the consumption of renewable energy. 5. Detection and control grading mechanism

obviously, Zhangjiakou, as a national renewable energy demonstration zone approved by the State Council, is striving to develop the new material industry all over the world. Its significance does not just lie in how large-scale wind power and photovoltaic bases should be built to achieve the high proportion of renewable energy development; What's more, it is to test the water and explore the way to break the mechanism and system bottleneck of wind power and renewable energy consumption, and to find a way to break the situation of wind power abandonment and power restriction that perplex the wind power industry

in addition to mechanism innovation, on a higher level of institutional innovation, with the help of the policy dividends of the renewable energy demonstration zone, Zhangjiakou should play a leading and exemplary role in taking the lead in deeply implementing the power market system reform, establishing a new planning and management system and power market system that adapt to the large-scale integration of renewable energy into the power system, and establishing and improving the new energy non discrimination and barrier free system

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