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Abrasives and abrasives industry breakthrough industry bottleneck Abstract: throughout the development of grinding field, the future grinding processing will put forward higher requirements for abrasives and abrasives. Judging from the current situation, superhard products just meet these new grinding needs

abrasive tools industry is a basic industry, but it always occupies an extremely important position in machining. As far as abrasive tools are concerned, there are three aspects of improvement and breakthrough of great significance

first, the improvement of the physical structure of the grinding tool, such as increasing the number of abrasive particles acting on the workpiece per unit time, increasing the average grinding length and increasing the grinding contact surface, all of which change the grinding amount per unit time and effectively improve the efficiency

second, the application of superhard abrasive tools mainly refers to the use and scope of application of thin-film pendulum impact testing machines such as metal powder, metal oxide or CBN: the application of sealing effect tools made of superhard materials as filler and resin, ceramic or metal bond (9 the vertical universal friction and wear testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is driven by the main shaft). At present, the grinding effect of high precision and high efficiency brought by superhard grinding tools has been widely recognized

third, the emergence of new abrasive tools, such as ceramic microcrystalline abrasive composed of micron polycrystalline, spherical shell abrasive containing micro diamond abrasive, polyester film belt for ultra-fine polishing, etc. The characteristics of these new abrasive tools make their advantages in grinding process vividly displayed

throughout the development of the grinding field, the future grinding will put forward higher requirements for abrasive tools. Judging from the current situation, superhard products just meet these new grinding needs. For example, CBN abrasive has good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance and other characteristics, so its abrasive tools have high linear speed, high grinding efficiency and high service life during grinding. It is especially suitable for processing ferrous metal materials such as high-speed steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, and chilled cast iron. In addition, ceramic bonded grinding wheels, high-speed grinding wheels with large pores, grinding wheels with different abrasive grains on different machining surfaces and diamond saw blades that meet various needs will expand their application scope and become products in grinding processing with the progress of technology

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