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Breakthrough! IBM says that seawater can make a battery that can be recharged in five minutes. IBM scientists have designed a new battery. The main components of this battery are minerals in seawater, not heavy metals such as cobalt. The new design has been proved to be better than the traditional IBM scientists in the test. A new battery has been designed. The main component of this battery is minerals in seawater, not heavy metals such as cobalt. The new design proved to be more powerful and faster to charge than traditional lithium-ion batteries in tests

such a battery breakthrough may greatly promote electric vehicles. The current battery range is limited by the battery design

model: Wes ⑶ 00B this discovery has great potential for electric vehicle batteries, for example, in solving problems such as flammability, cost and charging time. Dr. young hyena, the next generation battery material innovation manager of IBM research, wrote in an article

the current test shows that the battery configured with high power can reach 80% of the charging state in less than 5 minutes. In addition, the cost of purchasing materials is relatively low, so fast is an important test means for metallurgical, machinery manufacturing, scientific research and testing institutions to test materials and research and develop new materials. The goal of fast charging and low-cost electric vehicles may become a reality

ibm has begun to cooperate with several other companies, including Mercedes Benz, to promote this technology

in order to promote this new battery from exploratory research to the early stage of commercial development, IBM research cooperates with Mercedes Benz research and development in North America, central glass, one of the well-known battery electrolyte suppliers, and sidus, a battery manufacturer, to create a new ecosystem for the development of the next generation of batteries. IBM scientists wrote

although the large-scale development plan for such batteries is still in the exploratory stage, we hope that this budding ecosystem will help these batteries become a reality

the new design will also help eliminate the need for heavy metals in battery production and change the long-term sustainability of many elements of our energy infrastructure

a key raw material is seawater

the IBM scientist wrote: the IBM research team has used three new materials that do not reduce the use of hazardous materials. These materials have never been recorded in the battery. We have found a chemical component for manufacturing the new battery. This battery does not use heavy metals or other substances with source problems. He mentioned the use of cathode materials that do not contain cobalt and nickel, as well as safe liquid electrolytes with high flash points

the material of this battery can be extracted from seawater, which lays a foundation for adopting less invasive technology than current material mining methods

environmental concerns have been raised about the mining of heavy metals such as cobalt and nickel and the human rights issues surrounding cobalt deposits in Central Africa

ibm said that the new battery also has strong performance potential

young hyena wrote: in the initial test, it was proved that its performance exceeded that of lithium-ion batteries in many aspects, including lower cost, faster charging time, higher power and energy density, stronger energy efficiency and lower flammability. He pointed out that flammability is widely recognized as a major defect in the use of metallic lithium as anode material

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